Kristine Annett Wegner is a Spiritual Healer, Shaman, Matrix Healing Teacher and focussed in Past Life Regression, Trauma Healing and Inner Child Works. She combines ancient techniques from Mayan Culture, Hawaii, Aborigines, Peru with methods of English Healing, Rebirthing, Regression Past Life, Quantum Healing and Aura Surgery.
matrix healing education

Healing Education

Matrix Healing


1 Year Education for the healers of the new world

Normal 4.780 Euro

Premium 16.780 Euro 

(+ Mentoring services)

monthly payment on demand


matrix healing education
Spiritual healer EDUCATION with knowledge of ancient cultures and the energy work of indigenous peoples. Spiritual and ancestral healing techniques of traditional English healing, shamanism, Techniques from incarnation therapy, aura surgery, hypnosis techniques, inner child integration, Rebirthing process and basics of energy work.
matrix healing education
+ From the comfort of your home
+ Evening courses
+ Learning from the professional
+ Personal support
+ Selectable trainings partner
+ Member area with recordings
+ Protected member area
+ Crypto Currencies welcome



This Masterclass is designend for all professional healer, bodyworker, therapists, psychologists, shamans and everyone who wants to learn inner child healing.
This masterclass is tax deductible.
 limited to 4 seats!


Legal notice

MY offers serve to activate the self-healing powers and do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner. I do not make any diagnoses and make no healing promises. When the word “healing” is used in our texts, it does not mean healing in the medical sense, but the activation of self-healing powers.

•Spiritual healers or Shamans have no medical training
•Spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and in no way replaces a diagnosis or treatment by a doctor
•Always consult a doctor in the event of acute problems
•Never rely on a spiritual healer alone but continue to consult your family doctor or specialist
•Spiritual healing session are not allowed to promise or even presuppose a healing success

I do not assume any liability for impairments of any kind that result directly 

or indirectly from the use of my services.

Thank you for reading.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me!