Happiness: What is it?

On a sunny day by the mediterranean, a terracotta pot of flowers tipped off the terrace. He broke and shard after shard plumped down the small staircase. “Ooops!” Said the man, nimbly fetching shovel and broom. While sweeping together the many little terracotta pieces, I asked him, “Can I help you?” “No, no!” He replied. ” Shards bring happiness! “I replied. “I don’t believe In such a thing,” “said the man.” What is happiness …? “He asked me. Me: “Love!!! Every time something breaks down, a place will be free in your heart! ” The man turned his head away and swept the rest together.

Happiness is Love? Yes, if we can let go of all our negative experiences, all our fears, everything that blocks us – then we are only made up of love. This is our natural source. Because there are basically only two intense feelings that lead us: Love and fear – two opposites. All the feelings in between are the stories from which the dramas of the world are written. If we just feel love, we have no more dramas: We love each other, the strangers, the agressor and everyone else. We open our hearts. We open up to love. We open ourselves to allow love and we give love. That’s the real happiness!

This is what we cannot buy and what some people are closed against by a very subtle way: By doing too much work, or the opinion they do not need a life partner and even – children get in such a world is selfish. I even thought so, because I didn’t experience much good as a child and didn’t want it to be repeated in my children … But our wonderful children are the chance for a better world! If we do not give good to the world and do not open ourselves up to it – everything will remain as it is. And we all want to experience happiness and love. This is the essence of life and it is up to everyone! No matter what adults told us: Just with hard work will you become successful. / Honestly, you don’t get rich. / Happiness doesn’t exist, that’s pure coincidence … And all these beliefs passed down from generation to generation. By sticking to these beliefs, they come alive – it’s like riding with a handbrake …

I believe that the moment something breaks something dissolves on the spiritual level something old blocked. Puff, and it’s gone. The energy of love can flow freely through me and there is room for something quite wonderful. Placebo? Of course! Because I allow it and open up about it, love, happiness and all magic moments can happen in my life:) I become the magnet for these miracles and attract happiness and wonder.

Try it out today: You don’t need to break something right away, but you can throw away something – which carries old energy and consciously open up to the new life. Maybe you’re doing a little ritual: Throw away the old clothes that don’t strengthen you – put on your favourite clothes and buy some flowers for your favourite spot in your apartment. Feel quite aware of the power of liberation and the Love that surrounds you. Watch how people react to you now. 🙂 Get creative: What small rituals can you integrate into your everyday life? Small examples: Smile at a foreign person every day. /Or wish the embittered neighbour a nice day. /Write down how you imagine your life and burn the note at night. /Light a candle and thank you mind for all the wonderful situations you are already experiencing fragrance in this life … Magic Tip: Be like a little child, be playful and light. Have fun, put on your favorite dress or your summer hat. Do that what comes to mind. Don’t tell anyone – leave your secrets with you and just draw the wonders of happiness into your life. The happiness is already there – when we invite it to our life! 🙂