Healing Session: Home Service

I also like to come to your home where you feel most comfortable. Safety and trust are the basis of every healing session and my experience has shown that home visits have a special quality. What can something like this look like?

You take 2 hours off: The phone and all signalling devices are switched off, before and after they should not have important appointments and allow a quiet atmosphere in your home. Put on cosy warm clothes – a room with carpet and a cuddle blanket is perfect. Didn’t you? Then I’ll take care of the details. Ideally, the food is longer than 2 hours behind and is already well digested.

Now it can start: Whether Reiki lying on your bed, sitting on a chair or a healing Session of English Healing: You decide what is right for you today. As a Healer, I only serve as an energy assistant and through slight impulses I support you in Rreactivating your Self-Healing Powers and returning to your full creative Power.

As a Healer, I believe that every human being can be healed as long as his soul allows it. In my point of view, this does not require many sessions, because the natural state is healthy and healthy – our blueprint. We all carry this primal information within us. So I trust everyone to get back to the healthy state by just one session. If there are several traumas, there may be several sessions to perform for each trauma. I adapt to your pace and needs. Fun me and we can see together which one is right for you.