Reiki: Healing in Japan

Reiki is a japanese healing method and is used traditional in all kinds of pain, such as back and joint pain, headaches, nerve pain and also inflammatory species such as mucus bag inflammation, dental problems and arthritis. In addition, it can also be a wonderful support for women’s complaints, male and female sexual problems – as well as the desire To have children very positively. Frequently recurrent diseases such as colds and thyroid derailments could be balanced in connection with Reiki and a positive lifestyle and nutrition change in a very short time. Here I can support the traditional chinese medicine through my taoist background and the 5-Element nutrition.

The applications and function of the Reiki are similar to acupuncture: The energy pathways – meridians passing through the body – are activated by energy Impulses through the hands and blockages are dissolved. At the heart of philosophy is the universal life force, which is dispensed with love through the hands – at all with body contact by putting on your hands. However, physical contact is not necessary: Even with the targeted use of the palms on the energy centers, the client feels either warmth, a tingling or simply detached relaxation. In the treatment, the energy pathways and chakras are systematically worked through from start to finish in order to restore the uniform flow of energy throughout the body. What we want to achieve: The energy flows unchecked everywhere – and the person is healed Special requests of the client are taken into account. Often, however, the needy places are in a different place – here the healer can feel what man needs most at this moment. It is used in dressed with clothes

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