9 steps for the perfect day

You are the designer of your life. You design your day, your thoughts and your actions.

Sure: There are effects of causes that are in the past. But you can start changing it today. We recorded the elementary 9 steps for a perfect day. Work out these 9 steps for yourself, realize how you want to tread them. Train them daily, internalize your plans and become aware of your actions. Just as your inner compass is then aligned, the outer world will resonate with you. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them:

1.) With which people would I like to share my life, to be there together?
2.) What qualities do I want to bring into life?
3.) What do I want to bring into life?
4.) Which tracks would I like to leave?
5.) How do I want to live?
6.) With whom do I want to go?
7.) What do I want to live for?
8.) What do I want to give to life?
9.) What do I want to give to others? So that a beautiful, fulfilling life for all can really grow up?


This is not about understanding. It’s about experiencing. When you get out of your prison, you will implement it and experience it. Once you learn it, you come into the realm of remembering, and it’s always easier for you to get out of your old patterns. For this I support you with my coaching. In my shop you will find an overview.

Lots of love 🙂