Life: The Inner Voice

Feel into yourself and listen to you!

We can learn to find our way back to us, to feel and feel ourselves within ourselves. To follow Our Inner Voice and no longer to listen to the Inner Censor conditioned by education, family, society, school, work, circle of friends. But the voice of our true self. Everyone has that voice in them. Maybe you sometimes hear them very softly: Today I should go to the museum! But you do not listen to it, because the family has something else to do or you may have to go to work. But what would not have happened if you had decided to free up two hours for a short museum visit? You would have had a lot of fun, gained new impressions and inspiration, met interesting people and maybe you would have got exactly the offer that would have changed your whole life: In conversation with a cranky woman in the Japanese Garden she made you the perfect job offer you already have have waited so long. Be brave: listen to your inner voice. She wants to tell you something! Discard your daily schedule, your to-do list, and follow your feelings. Break your patterns and become free. Use these spaces to invite new things into your life. And be it just the silence of meditation.

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Listen to your inner voice and start now! 

Change your life now and have a lot of fun with it. 🙂