Savings peeler

Do you Know that, too?

I remember very well that in my childhood cucumbers, apples, potatoes and all other vegetables and sometimes fruits were peeled. When I started cooking at the age of 15 and tried to work my way through the trial-and-error principle, I stopped peeling the good food. First purely intuitive, later with the right knowledge: Put the best in the bowl! These precious vitamins and minerals are not only vital, but also provide you with a beautiful skin, activate your metabolism and the special energy kick: With this you get a good flow, swings refreshed through the day and it will be easier for you To open up to everything beautiful in life.

Vegetables in particular deacidify the body and stimulate the metabolism because it does not contain fructose. Not only important for high performances of athletes, but also to get in a good mood. Science has found that various vitamin and mineral deficiencies particularly favour mood levels, sleep disturbances and general malaise. Therefore: Always eat the bowl! And it is best to resort to organic products to bypass pesticides too well as possible. Enjoy your meal! 🙂