The magic of the Pomegranate

The perfect start to the day

The pomegranate has been shown to have more antioxdants than green tea and red wine. There is hardly any other fruit about which more medical studies have been made in the past: The pomegranate not only has a lot of antioxidants – the stress eaters of the cells, but also has a particularly strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system as well as for the cardiovascular system as well as for the Lipid and sugar metabolism. It also has preventative effects against cancer, inflammatory and degenerative diseases and metabolic problems.

Oxidative stress is involved in many diseases: Obesity and obesity, atherosclerosis, fat metabolism diseases, inflammatory diseases of the liver and other organs, irritable bowel syndrome, premature aging of the genetic material – the list is still very long.

In particular, a pomegranate cure has been granted in case of weak immune systems and symptoms such as foot and nail licks, irritable bowel and colds. Morning 1 or 2 pomegranates for breakfast mixed with valuable bran, sweet wheat germ, millet or oatmeal and who it gets – a few nuts to garnish. Perfect start from antixodants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy oils.

Milk to go with it? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, milk is mucous, cooling and promotes mucus, inflammation and colds. The intolerance is evident in the intestine and skin irritation. Life without milk is possible: Those who are afraid that they will get too little calcium (milk has 500 times less calcium than sesame) can also consume a knife tip Santo-sea coral every day. Not only does it have an optimal ratio of calcium and magnesium 2:1, but it also has more than 70 minerals and salts. With this in mind: Stay healthy and give your body only the best so that you live healthily and realize all your dreams.