Coaching: Omega-men & shaman

Lovely Omega-men,

you are as great as you are! Please do not be distracted by competition, alpha animals, machos, advertising and media: There are countless women who want to have a man like you! You don’t think so? Go into your energy: Decide how you want to dress, what kind of job you want to do, watch TV or read a book. But do what you (!) want. This is your natural energy. Stay with yourself and strengthen your soft male powers. What the modern world does not include: Everything is Ying & Yang. Men are turned into high-performance machines and women, if they want to prove themselves there on the executive level, also become an unapproachable working machine. Stop! Nobody has to do it. There are so many good examples where people have gone new ways to become very successful.They are in their natural energy and feelings – in their individual way. If you are doing this you will have the fulfilling partnerships you ever wish. Satisfaction and fulfillment comes when you are living your desires and dreams – not the idea of the the society, media or the guys from the gym. It’s just wrappers without content, constantly searching for fulfillment. Fulfill your wishes and the right partner will come to you and will love you just for that nature. For the fact that you are sometimes weak, sometimes the things just tackle and just try it out. For being ready to fail and clean up the pyre with her and laugh at it together. There is so much joy between men and women. Just let everything go, start playing again and find your male energy: Just be, and start thinking your own way and let your male qualities grow in your natural energy.

My Book Recommendation

Der Tanz des Schamanen, Christine Li und Ulla Krautwald

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