Coaching: Superwomen and empresses

Dear ladies of creation,

we have wonderful creative energies as a woman forgotten: a modern society with sterile methods of eliminating femininity, competition and pressure to perform, non-cyclical working hours (yes – that’s exactly how I mean it) move us away from our magical energies. In addition, there are epigenetic forces, familial educational methods as well as societal value systems, which are not particularly invigorating for women, and the feminist discussion in Germany is one-sided. Where is our diversity and magical power now to tackle things differently than men? Developing something new also means: developing new strategies and concepts that suit you – in your own rhythm and in your own way. What the society, given working concepts, fashion appearances, nutritional hype to say is completely unimportant. You carry everything in you and you shape your world! Not possible in your life? Then break out now! Think about how you want to live: how do you want to live, with whom, or alone, how do you want to spend your day, when do you want to get up, how do you envisage your partnership and with whom, what is your favorite pastime? Before you clear that up for you, you stay in your old pattern and the next job or partner will be the same as before -– just in green. For this I would like to recommend a book to you:

My book recommendation

Fernöstliche Geheimnisse der Kaiserin, Ulla Krautwald

Der Weg der Kaiserin, Christine Li und Ulla Krautwald

Der Tanz des Schamanen, Christine Li und Ulla Krautwald

If you want to rediscover your femininity and come back to your magical female primal strength?

Then you are welcome in the Empress Coaching: Just write me an email in our contact form and we’ll see what can be the best support for you individually. Or book your first coaching lesson now in my shop. Power, light and love:) Kristine