Inner Child: Memories

Why do we remember special situations from a certain age in our lives? Someone has already memories with an age of 3, the other with 8 years. But why is like that?


Psychologically, after being born, we are our True Self. Those who can not remember far back have been very late in setting up the ME=EGO. That means psychologically: a happy childhood without any problems. 🙂 We start to save our memories when negative situations happen… and then we start to build the EGO–to survive. Persons, who remember their earliest childhood store positive and negative experiences, however, the negative experiences contributed greatly to the formation of the ego, so the self has stepped back to make space for the EGO. Which in turn shows that problems become aware. That means, whenever something problematic happens, we become aware, as adults, and have the chance to transform the situation or experience.

The way of evolution: A child unconsciously lives in HIS/SELF state (happy–but he does not know). Then it is thrown out of life, is unhappy (because it can not do justice to the environment), and the adult (with trained EGO) must consciously start to learn the HIS/SELF state again (happy–now you know it), Task: Consciously becoming a child again. Get to know your inner child and welcome it daily!

For the ones who have traumatic experience and feeling not connected to their inner child–healing sessions can reconnect very gentle. Look at my about page, there you can find my different services how i can help to reach the feeling of oneness–being in love, being health–is the base for being the TRUE SELF.


Photocredit: Jean Wimmerlin, unsplash