Shaman ritual: elements

Ceremony to the elements

Shamans appreciate nature and its elements as well as ancestral souls, spirits, and wildlife. There are no boundaries and rasters for them. They do not think in content but in energy. A shaman can be in every one of us. Especially people who like to be in nature – love when the wind blows around the nose, the crackling of the forest, the indescribable expanse of the sea, the clarity of the mountains or the little bank by the little river, which gives us time for rest bestows. Or the moment in the big city where suddenly the world seems to stand still and you hear the singing of a beautiful bird. These are all steps to shamanic consciousness. There is a thanksgiving of the shamans to the elements, which can help you to activate your shamanic energies: you can write it down and burn the note as a ritual, read it in your mind and mentally send it into the air. You can go to your favorite place in nature and hum it in front of you. Whether it’s your balcony in the night, or after getting up, where the city begins to wake up … It’s your connection and your strength – go to your senses. Listen to your intuition – your inner voice knows when and where is the right time. Schamanic thanksgiving to the elements.

Holy metal – you give us the positive contacts we need. Give us the material, that we need to make life easier. 

Holy sun – you are the energy itself. We hear your sound and thank you for the glow. Give us enlightenment.

Holy air – you give us the air to breathe. You are our drive in calm and speed. Give us the clarity we need – to act in the sense of nature.

Holy water – you give us the sensibility, spirituality and intelligence, you give us life.

Holy fire – you give us the energy, You show us the way with your light. Give us the enlightenment. 

Holy nature – you give us the health and nutrition. You give us the friendship, love, affection, security. Give us harmony. 

Holy mother earth – you are so generous with us. You give us everything we need. Forgive those who do not understand.