Hawaiian forgiveness: Ho’oponopono

The wonderful Hawaiian forgiveness ritual Ho’oponopono makes life so much easier for us: it is one of the most effective methods of the Huna, the ancient Hawaiian teachings of wisdom. “Hu” means “knowledge,” and “na” means “wisdom.” The “Kahunas” are the protectors of the Huna who preserve this ancient knowledge. Ho’oponopono is made up of “ho’o”, which means “to do” and “pono” means “right.” So, “Ho’oponopono” means “doing it right”. How wonderful: Everything is done right!


For the Hawaiians, Ho’oponopono is traditionally used in the clarification of family disputes and is now used worldwide as a fundamental forgiveness ritual for interpersonal relationships and one’s self. Even in South American prisons, this ritual is used with wonderful results on all levels.

The ritual

Basically it’s very simple: The ritual consists of 4 short sentences, which should be applied to all imaginable levels: You repeat that sentences as a mantra to yourself. It works on your own line of ancestors. So you send that meaning to everyone of your family, your friends, the people around you. Can you think of more? All the better! Involve everyone and everything: the rotten garden of the neglected parental home and relatives’ unloved pets. The more holistically it is applied, the stronger the implications for you, your whole family, your future and everything that concerns your partner. On the one hand, it is the forgiveness itself and, as it were, a blessing on all the participants and family members.

The ritual is just 4 sentences that you should memorize and report it as often as you can. Quite intentionally in case of conflict or just briefly in the queue at the box office like a mantra.

Ho’ oponopono

I love you.

I forgive you.

I’m  sorry.

I thank you.


You can use this ritual in everyday life, at work or just in between–because there is always something to forgive. And if you simply can not think of anything to forgive today, there are certainly legacies from past lives or from the family (war issues, violence, ignorance, lack of love, neglect, etc.). Try it out today! I wish you a lot of joy in letting go of conflicts and have fun using the space and the energy that comes from it. 🙂