The base of the Mayan philosophy is Collective Evolution. 

Thats why i am working in networks, where everyone can bring into their individual skills. There are plenty of yoga styles, healing techniques and shamanic ways of transformation. THIS NEW TIMES OF ASCENSION GIVES US ACCES TO ALL OUR ANCIENT WISDOM. OUR MISSION IS TO BRING THE BEST OF IT TO SUPPORT THE SOULS ON PLANET EARTH.




Mayan Portals are based on the Mayan Calendar: on these days the veils between the worlds are much thinner and used for transformation, personal growth, channeling, manifestation and all kind of rituals and ceremonies. 

So if you want to go into energetic transformation keep an eye on these days–the shifts are magic and you will feel it. To follow normal work– can be challenging. Some people are at these days stressed or tired. Others are going with the flow and just surrender.

I am always taking my time for channeling and downloading information from the divine source to reconnect with my inner wisdom. Healing sessions are super magic on these days but i am never scheduling more than one session. 

So if you want to work intensively on your ancestor topics or manifest your dreams, finding your vocation–use a portal day and save your seat now before i am booked.




January  03./05./22./26.


February 02./03./10./16./21./24.


March 01./09./12./17./20./30./31.


April 01./02./03./04./05./06./07./08.


Mai 09./10./11./12./13./14./15./16./17./18./28./31.


June 05./08./16./21./24./29.