Kristine Annett Wegner



Hello, I am a traditional spiritual healer, shaman and Matrix Healing teacher. I already helped countless people to activate their self-healing qualities, to resolve karmic entanglements, trauma and family conflicts. i educate healer around the world in Matrix Healing and support souls in their personal and spiritual development. I have an international network of doctors, naturopaths, spiritual healers, shamans, sound therapists and energy workers with whom i take place of supervision and cooperation on regular base. I am working with the heart energy – its electromagnetic field is 60 times more powerful than the brain and i loves to share my knowledge with souls that they can find their own individual path.



Even as a child I had a strong connection to nature and its natural healing energies–I was already clairvoyant and brightening at that time and connected to outer worlds. Over the years i went through different educations and gained cross-range knowledge from Energetic Healing, Quantum Healing, English Healing, Rebirthing, Hypnosis, Regression Past Life Therapy, Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Healing approaches. 
Taoism, TCM, 5-Element Nutrition, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Herbal Medicine and their connected healings are a daily part of my private life and i keep on studying to support you in the most individual way.


Integration: Maya Reconnection

I can get access to your field with my shamanic Mayan energy: reading information about your profession, family, past, and future–your Akashic Record. I can give solving information and  reconnect you with your 12 DNA strings and activate your inner healer. While my clients are just relaxing, most are going on visual journeys. Through this technique you will be connected to your natural power: mentally, physically, emotionally you are feeling a deeply grounded and basic trust to follow your true path and in your modern life.

Hypnosis: Trauma Release

Based on Traditional English Healing methods helpful in physical trauma (accidents/surgeries), emotional trauma (abuse, violence, separation/loss), and spiritual trauma (for example birth/twin issues): Especially the integration and gentle work with the inner child has helped many clients re-create the experience of oneness.

Past Life Regression

Do you want to know what happen in your past lifes? You are getting deja vous regulary or feel like: i know this person or place already. You know that your family and your ancestors had specials stories and you want to know the roots? You feel like, that everything that happens has a reason but don’t know why? Then a Pats Life regression is the right journey for you. We can figure out what happen, what is the task for this life and the purpose for you. Even trauma in Past Life like death, war or abuse can be healed in a Past Life Regression: we will work with your subconscious and write the story in a new way.

Shamanic: Integration Journeys

This ancient shamanic technique allows me to travel through your outer / inner world to find out information about parts of your souls to integrate them. I am going in trance on mental journeys with my power animal and bring you what you need on your way of self healing. This traditional method is for everyone who trust in shamanic techniques and feels common with the way of self healing. This intense technique is wonderful and very effective solution for distance session – i recommend to take space in the same time when i am working into your field. For more information please contact me via mail and i call you back.

Mentoring: Healing Education

This is a education-mentoring program for spiritual souls who wants to find their true path: Many clients have special spiritual qualities or are on the journey to discover. In this process I perceive and activate your qualities: the liberation of your true self–finding your vocation for your true path. With my shamanic skills and clairvoyant channeling talent i will guide you trough this process. All my clients who booked this mentoring are working successful as healer.

Special: Rebirthing

This calm technique is part of English Healing methods. Everyone who feels not welcome in life, had a tough birth or problems between pregnancy or birth processes. As well after burnouts, abuse, sexual or physical violence its a very lovely way to surrender and rebirth the new self.



From The bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my teacher and mentor Marco Hennings (English Healer) for the trust, the love and, above all, his down-to-earth manner. He helped me to bring out the best of me and pursue my true vocation.
Thanks also to Malcolm Southwood (Traditional English Healer), who carried the gentle technique of English Healing Into the future and reopened so many closed doors of the hearts and brought natural love as a result. What a gift to humanity!

Deep gratitude to all my fellow networks, healers, doctors, neuropaths, teachers, shamans, light workers and the wonderful community with whom I can follow this path! I bow to you:


Marco Hennings
(Mental Healer / English Healing Teacher)

Telse Thamsen
(Medium / English Healer / Trance Speech)

Kio Nawab

Stanley Samadhi
Essence of Samadhi
(Private Retreats)

Brenda Saharina
(Private Yoga Teacher, Private Retreat Service)

Susanne Seemann
(Vedic Astrology/Neuropath)

Frank Brunnbauer
(Mobile Massage Service)
(Premium Hexagonal Water Filter)

(bionenergetic salt products)

Alexander Elias
(Business and Lifestyle)

Lady Sterntaler – Online Community