Matrix healing

Energetic spiritual and Trauma HEALING EDUCATION

Professional healing education with knowledge ancient cultures and modern Methods. Regressive Hypnotherapy meets energy work of indigenous peoples, spiritual healing and ancestral healing of english healing and shamanism, techniques from past life regression, Aura surgery, hypnosis techniques, inner child integration, rebirthing process and basics of energy medicine, hermetic energy theory and light work

EVENING COURSES ………………………………………….

+ 4 evenings per month

+ plus free practical appointments to learn the techniques

+ small group with 4 participiants


WORKFLOW ………………………………………….

+ Videocall > link will be sent

+ Record of all seminars, accessible within the training

+ Personal support

+ Everyone in the group looks for a practice partner or is provided

+ Practice partners will be exchanged during the practice sessions


FINAL EXAM ………………………………………….

+ Final examination through a successful healing session with 3 patients

+ Those who do not take a final exam receive participant certificate for the completed modules


CERTIFICATE ………………………………

+ After a successful final examination


1 Year HEALING education


1. Part / 6 Months

from 2.440 Euro


premium / one-to-one

8.880 Euro


monthly payment optionS


NEXT START: spring 2024



Traumas, fears, phobias, depression, burnout, narcissistic connections, conflicts in the family, toxic partnerships are emotional and spiritual sensations – and they have to be resolved there too. With traditional spiritual healing we can loosen these energetic and karmic knots from the morphogenetic field / the Akasha. The integration of the Inner Child finally creates the feeling of security and perfection in the client – an opening of the heart occurs. An energetic holistic training for the healers of the new time.

Module 1: Energetic Healing

Everything about energetic healing: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and astrally.

+ Laws: energy work, shamanic work

+ Energetic protection: How do I protect myself and my clients

+ Crystal work, light work, healing hands


Module 2: Energetic Spiritual Healing

Everything about energetic healing: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and astral laws. Illnesses and their emotional causes. Learning the character types and their diseases.

+ Laws: energy work, spiritual work, shamanic work.

+ Energetic protection: How do I protect myself and my clients

+ Illnesses and their emotional causes

+ Detective work: recognize character types


Module 3: Inner Child Healing

Theory and techniques for trauma work and trauma resolution of English healing. Learning the inner child work and its integration in terms of character types.

+ The inner child

+ The character types

> Gentle child

> Serious child

> Fun-loving child

+ Diseases of the character types


Module 4: Trauma resolution and inner child work

Theory and techniques for trauma work and trauma resolution. Learning the inner child work and its integration in relation to the character types.

+ Trauma: what is it and what are the consequences

+ What diseases are caused by trauma?

+ Inner child and character types

+ Technique English Healing


Module 5: Trauma Resolution in the Spiritual Healing of English Healing

Practice: How to use English Healing techniques

+ States of Consciousness

+ Gentle hypnosis> Alpha / Theta state> how do I achieve this with the client

+ What to look out for

+ Dream resolution: practice by client


Module 6: Rebirthing and Inner Child

Understanding the Inner Child, its place in the spiritual universe and learning the rebirthing technique.

+ Inner child as part of your spiritual being as an energetic source understand the sentient being

+ Rebirthing technique

+ When is the moment for rebirthing

+ What if rebirthing cannot be implemented?


Module 7: Healing of the ancestral lineage

Healing of Toxic Compounds of Ancestral Linages: Techniques from the Spiritual healing, incarnation therapy and shamanism.

+ Shamanic heart opening ritual

+ Constellation of ancestors at the Holy Fire

+ Dissolution of the karmic knots


Module 8: Dissolution of Karmic Contracts

Aura surgery: technique of dissolving all karmic contracts. Dissolve oaths, vows and oaths from previous lives for all incarnations.

+ Theory

+ Energetic exceptional situation and protection

+ Practice: Every client practices with a buddy / buddy can be provided


Module 9: obsessions and Parasitic Energies

Basics: what are obsessions and parasitic energies

+ Parasitic energies: what is it? How do they make themselves noticeable? How can I recognize this in the session? How can I solve it?

+ Obsession: What is it? What are the differences between stray Souls and demons? What happens to the cast after that?

+ Technique: How do I resolve this. What do I do if they don’t want to go.

+ Technology: What if you don’t want to go. When am i sure that they are gone? Are you coming again?


Module 10: Spiritual Healing – Solving Obsession in Practice

Recognize obsession in the Spiritual Healing of English Healing and Shamanism and how we resolve them

+ Practice: solving occupations on the client with English healing

+ Different practice cases > Practice, practice, practice


Module 11: Past Life Regression

Incarnation therapy: Dissolving trauma in past lives is for advanced learners: How do I recognize a past life trauma in the spiritual healing session and how do I resolve it.

+ How do I recognize a past life trauma

+ How do I get there if I already know?

+ How can I know beforehand?

+ What if the session does not go on?

+ How do we get back to the here and now? How is this continuing?

1 Year INTENSIVE education

(2 x 6 month from 2.440)

4.880 Euro


NEXT START: Spring 2024

1 Year INTENSIVE education

inclusive exam / monthly payment on demand

4.880 Euro

NEXT START > spring 2024