From my work of many years working with musicians and artists I have repeatedly observed the same limits in the coaching for potential development: The client does not get further at a certain point. They make a good performance externally but still does not succeed … because turning back in old patterns. I was looking for a way to liberate the heart energy that they could achieve their personal goals, live their vocation, stand by it, and affirm it. Through my numerous training courses, a channel has opened up and my Mayan energy downloaded. With this energy I can very quickly support people for their personal transform and to awaken their inner healer.




Even as a child I had a strong connection to nature and its natural healing energies – I was already clairvoyant and brightening at that time and connected to outer worlds. Over the years i went through different educations and gained cross-range knowledge from Reiki, English Healing, Rebirthing, Channeling, Shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Healing approaches.

Taoism, TCM, 5-Element Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Herbal Medicine and their connected healings are a daily part of my private life and i keep on studying.





Maya Reconnection

If you are opening your field to i can get access with my shamanic Mayan energy: I can read information about your profession, family, past, and future in your Akashic Record and can give solving information into this field. I reconnect you with your 12 DNA strings and activate your inner healer: With this technic you will just relax and receive. Mostly clients are going on visual journeys and see colors, forms and pattern. Through this reconnection you are in your energetic power: mental and physically your are in your flow and feeling balanced. Very easy you can to follow your path and balance your body.


Maya Supervision

This is a coaching-mentoring program: Many clients have special spiritual qualities or are on the journey to discover them. In this process I perceive and activate your qualities: the liberation of your true self, finding your vocation on your true path.


English Healing

Helpful in physical trauma (accidents/surgeries), emotional trauma (abuse, violence, separation/loss), and spiritual trauma (for example birth/twin issues): Especially the integration and gentle work with the inner child has helped many clients re-create the experience of oneness.


Japanese Reiki

In this bioenergetic healing technique, the energy passes through the hands into the meridians around your body (known from acupuncture). Traditionally used in all kinds of pain, joint diseases, after operations & accidents, women/men’s suffering, burnout & stress and much more.



This calm technique is part of English Healing methods. Everyone who feels not welcome in life, had a tough birth or problems between pregnancy or birth processes. As well after burnouts, abusements, sexual or physical violence its a very lovely way to surrender and rebirth the new self.


Integration Journeys

This ancient shamanic technique allows me to travel through your outer / inner world to find out information about parts of your souls to integrate them. I am going in trance on mental journeys with my power animal and bring you what you need on your way of self healing. This traditional method is for everyone who trust in shamanic techniques and feels common with the way of self healing. This intense technique is wonderful and very effective solution for distance session – i recommend to take space in the same time when i am working into your field. For more information please contact me via mail and i call you back.





From The bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my teacher and mentor Marco Hennings (Reiki Teacher And English Healer) for the trust, the love and, above all, his down-to-earth manner. He helped me to bring out the best of me and pursue my true vocation.


Thanks also to Malcolm Southwood (Traditional English Healer), who carried the gentle technique of English Healing Into the future and reopened so many closed doors of the hearts and brought natural love as a result. What a gift to humanity!


Deep gratitude to all my fellow healers, teachers, light workers and the wonderful network with whom I can follow this path! I bow to you:


Marco Hennings
(Mental Healer / English Healing Teacher / Reiki Teacher)


Telse Thamsen
(Medium / English Healer / Trance Speech / Reiki)


Kio Nawab
(Soundhealer / Reiki)



Frank Brunnbauer
(Mobile Massage Service)



Marc Peridis
(Shaman / Energetic Healer /  Tantra)


Amir Jaan
(Kundalini Yoga Teacher / Energetic Coach)


Alesha Carmela
(Yoga Teacher for Anansura / Krya / Nidra)


gather yoga collective
(retreats / tutorials / networking)


(Sustainable agriculture / Workshops)