Healing: What exactly does that mean?

As a healer, I understand healing as a holistic state by being flowed through love. The moment when everything is just love – then we are healthy. Because love is our very natural energy – our source to our self-healing energies. It is the source from which we came – is always available to us. When we are free from feelings of disturbance, such as fear, dissatisfaction, jealousy, envy, force greed, anger … Yes, at this very moment – where the heart is connected to the soul – we are healed. Then we are complete. Connected with us, our love and our soul. From this moment on, we also feel love and compassion for others: We can give you security, give you confidence and attention without having to be the focus of ourselves, without putting ourselves back – we are then selfless. We don’t need any more attention, because we are just satisfied and full of happiness – and would like to share that happiness so much.

We ourselves are suddenly no longer so important, we are no longer quickly offended or react inadequately … Other views and opinions are no longer obscure or judged – we accept and accept – without assessing and condemning. There is just love flowing between us and all others. One becomes one – one understands unity and that we are all not as different as it might have looked at the beginning.

But how is this possible? There are people, they have this heart-soul connection: They can give seemingly endlessly, are satisfied with everything and have sparkling eyes even in the tired state. This is rare, but it gives them – and you see them immediately because they shine like that. Yet there are also many others who repeatedly react inadequately through unresolved trauma, are jealous, feel divided by Life, repeatedly step into all fat pots or seemingly have no luck. Many have sleep disturbances, pain of any kind and inflammatory symptoms in joints, teeth – in addition, fears, depression become more or less difficult. In the organ language of traditional chinese medicine and taoist energy teachers, all these diseases have mental causes and so it is said: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

Trauma of any kind can be treated with school medical methods from psychology such as EMDR, family Lineup and deep psychological approaches can clarify wonderfully and it helps many people see life from a new perspective. The healing heart-soul connection – as a healer, we see it as a spiritual connection to our loving creative power – but sometimes there is no space in the corporate context. Here, as a Healer, for example, through the inner child, I can support work in English Healing – a variant of mental technique – energetically, to restore this natural connection between heart and soul and to integrate lost soul parts. A trauma can be treated per session: Sometimes several people may play a role and several conflicts can also be resolved. It depends very much on the person and their soul. It can be a story where one of the teddy was taken away and the parents didn’t help – or cruel acts of abuse or violence. But it doesn’t matter the harshness of the story – for every soul, something completely different is traumatic. As a healer, I’m there to heal, not judge life stories. Judgement and evaluation is the voice of the ego – which is to be overcome on a daily basis.

Especially in case Of hardship cases, one can achieve wonderfully loving successes through the technique of the rebirthing: You will be simply reborn. If old unsolved trauma breaks down, it is first dissolved in order to clear the way for rebirth. Please talk to me: even after a session, profound healing can occur. Sometimes bridges have already been built and the soul is just waiting to be perfect over the cordial connection, to be whole – to be healthy. And in no time, conflict after conflict dissolves …:)