5 Steps to reduce Stress

Take a small sketchbook for your daily notes. Start to be aware of your energies with this easy techniques:


1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness means becoming acutely aware of the situation: You’re stressed? Hold on, stop doing your things and feel into you. What stresses you out? Why does it stress you? How do you perceive yourself? How do you wish to deal with it? What steps can you take to respond as you imagine?

Use your sketchbook for your personal goals: It takes the stress out of your mind and you have more space for the funny side of life.

2. Stress is Energy

Generously stress is not negative, if we can use it for ourselves. We can transform this energy for ourselves – from negative to positive. Stress has a super potential energy u can use for your personal projects, things that need lots of energy like moving things in the house or renovating something, doing sports, carring heavy stuff,  working in the garden, or doing things you never have the time for. Under stress the things i never have the time for? Exactly, because if you take a moment for concentration of that you will be super efficient and much faster than any other day. Only our thoughts and perspective controls how you feel and ultimately how you will behave. Your positive attitude does not make you see stress as an obstacle, but as an opportunity – you will actively use for yourself. If you find a way to focus this high potential energy for yourself, you will gain more energy. Start today – and learn that stress can be helpful.


3. Your optimal stress level

Find out where and what your optimal stress level looks like. The better you know each case, the more efficient you can be. Our ancestors knew very well how to optimally use stress levels. Indigenous peoples still traditionally use this magical power to hunt or dance their way into a trance, rearranging the social fabric of the community in the process.

A healthy dose of stress and adrenaline makes you powerful. Find out what you need and how you are. Once you’ve figured this out, you can very accurately create your optimal environment to make your day and your life powerful, stress-free and with a lot of joy.

4. Rest, refuelling, recharging energy

Treat yourself to a break, refuel – it is also welcome to have a rest. Take care of enough sleep, healthy and natural food, plenty of clear water and adequate exercise. Pay attention to your social connections and have fun in life. These interactions are your energy providers. Combined with your personal stress levels, you’re unbeatable and get a lot of fun in life.


5. Let it go

In Hamburg we say: En beten scheif hät Got leif. That means as much as: some skating has been given to us by god. Ergo: everything is non-perfect and part of life. Let your perfectionism go! Surely it is nice – for example to hit the right note while singing – and will also give you more gigs in the long term. Instead of judging yourself, look for a singing teacher who can balance such small imbalances with you. There is no one who can do everything – we all learn for a lifetime. And that can bring a lot of joy! Just let go of your thinking corset of perfection. Do some small mistakes and have fun with that!