5 tips for a happy day

Your daily happiness

1. Aline with yourself.

Meet others, go to work or be with your family – but stay by yourself. Connect yourself with the primal essence at the beginning of the day and aline with yourself. So you are able to give your loved one strength and attention, perform at work – without it exhausting you. This nourishes your true potential – your Inner Creator. This is the foundation for your future, for your desires, for your buried dreams, for your hobbies, for your insights – for your own universe. Stay by yourself!

2. Breathe and be centered.

This classic meditation technique sounds easier than it is: Just focusing on the breath and not allowing the excessive thoughts requires some practice. Because your brain is trained always thinking. Everyone knows the saying: Think. Or think first, then talk:) Have you ever heard someone say to you: What do you feel with this? Probably not. Refusing is the advanced option for those interested in working with heart energy. But the basis on everything is the breath – called prana in yoga – a sanskrit word meaning universal life energy. This is precisely why it is so important to pay attention to the breath and pay attention to it. This is your energy, your source of transformation – your food. The moment we consciously pay attention to breath, we centered automatically.

3. Be a creator of your life.

You are not dependent on external influences! Sure, we all have our homework and we subconsciously go into different trials. But that is precisely what needs to be done. No one forces you to work for this employer. Of course, energy expenditure is needed to find a new and better job, but only YOU can change the situation. Or the long-overhauled friendships that just stop you, don’t support you in your dreams or rob everyone the energy. Start now! You have it in your own hands. You are the designer of your life. We can influence that by ourselves. Yourself. Your true self! You are the god of your own universe and you control whether you want to meet the demons or invite the angels into your life. You choose to help other people instead of standing there as victims. A drama queen is certainly not showered in her life with many gifts. Be thankful for all the lessons and start designing. Life is good to you if you appreciate it. Change your perspective today and start creating. And have fun by doing it:)


4. Practice with your new self.

If you want to learn to paint, then maybe at first a lot of ugly duckling come out. But there lies the seed of a beautiful swan that will carry you through life on its wings if you stay tuned! Get to know yourself. Every day anew: Get to know your limits. Start to hug them in your arms and learn to overcome. Try as much as you can. It can’t go wrong, because only you judge what’s right and what’s wrong in YOUR universe. Even for ugly ducks in series, illustrators get high paid. 🙂 You see: It’s all in the viewer’s gaze. And what is the point of being able to draw just a beautiful swan? Start cooking, learn a language or develop your morning ritual – just for yourself. Greetings the unkind neighbour who always complains about you that the music is too loud. Ask him if the volume is ok for him at the moment. Buy the long-awaited cowboy boots, even though they’re not in at all right now. Try yourself! Get to know yourself. Develop new qualities and explore your limits. Ask yourself to think positively, even if everything feels wrong right now. Train every day and don’t get distracted. Thinking positively = the glass is half full.


5. Let go of the past.

Let everything go: Finish with the past. It has passed and is no longer there today. If it still preoccupies you emotionally and you can’t let it go, then reflect the situatio: What touches you so much in it? What can you learn from this? The loss of a loved one, for example, clearly shows you your needs. The task is to take yourself seriously. Its ok to be sad. Meet up with friends, love people and recharge your batteries first. Stop listen to the sad stories over and over. You don’t get happy as a result and the others are pulled down too. Those who are traumatized – belong in professional hands. There are wonderful gentle methods from psychology, such as EMDR, of resolving traumatic situations. In addition, there are healing treatments in english healing, where we reintegrate exactly these injured parts and create a heart-soul connection. To do this, please contact me via my contact form or book your first treatment in my shop directly.

Lots of love 🙂