Healer: Aren’t they all crazy?

There are many different types of people: I have been trained by a very down-to-earth teacher. In this education we had to gradually resolve all our own fears, traumas and feelings of disturbance. Marco Hennings, English Healer, has made it clear to us: you must be healthy yourself before you can heal others. (Otherwise, we will project our own conflicts of disturbance on the client).

This means that I went through countless healing sessions (Energetic Healing, English Healing, Rebirthing, Inner Child Work, Somatic Balancing, Shamanic Journeys, Reconnection, etc.). At the Healing English Sessions lost parts of the soul can be reintegrated through a mental technique combined with a soft hypnosis, thats helps you to feel complete, healthy and the sensation of oneness. No dramas and conflicts anymore – they have been dissolved by Integrating the Inner Child, the real soul-heart integration takes place.I was very excited before my first healing session: I had to face these parts of myself, which I had always pushed aside… My first session of English Healing i gave myself as a birthday gift. And surprisingly – it didn’t hurt! It was so clarifying and so deep, I felt a warmth and a well-being – I never knew before (the feeling I secretly always wanted). I knew many of the psychological techniques and trauma therapies I went through before – and they were all great and helped me feel better. But I never felt such a dear warmth at the time: This love for me, for life and also for the people, with I had a conflict before… I have been able to forgive them and myself – very lovely and gentle. I could take them now in my arms full of love. And also for myself: I start feeling unconditional love for myself and my Inner Child since my first session. And I also could  feel love for all the others – also for people who are not always good – especially they need a lot of positive energy in order to become a better human. 🙂

I used to know that before, too. Yet if one attacked me, I couldn’t feel this compassion of love. Today, since i went through this healing sessions, I feel – when someone attacks me – a great compassion. Maybe I can’t help him because he’s so negative and doesn’t want to get on the sunny side of life at all. But I can give him warm energy in my thoughts and wish him love.

As you can see, everyone has their tasks to solve – also a healer. And I can be very clear: I’ve had a long journey and it goes on and on. For me, too –the challenges, especially as a healer, are getting tougher and there are points where I have to say: I can’t help with that. But there are also hardship cases, such as sexual abuse and victims of violence: Here i can really help, heal and integrate the inner child.

Shortly: I think a bit crazy is quite healthy, as long as you don’t come close to anyone and treat your fellow human beings with care and love. As a healer, one should have dissolved his legacy, so that the energy can flow freely and not affecting negatively the people. Even addictions are generated. Statements such as: There are a lot of session that Is necessary for parents ‘ topics, or: “You have to come there regularly now. Let’s make the next dates right away. “For me as a healer this is completely incomprehensible and frivolous. That would mean: the healer does not trust the patient to be cured or is not believing in his healing energies as a professional. Or at worst running it like a pure business. Yes, such confused souls also exist among healers. I recommend clearly: get comparisons. Talk to several healers and go according to your feeling. Your heart knows the way. All what has to do with dependencies – is never healing. Healing is always free:)