Inspiration Happiness

You’re a lucky one

Imagine: You are a person who is healthy, allowed to go to school, can write and read, has a warm home, does not have to suffer hunger, is allowed to live in peace and may also have people in his life who love and appreciate you. Would you be happy then?

Very much?! Then you become aware of this circumstance every day. Even if you’re not doing so well today. This is very natural – we all have good days and not so good days. But if we keep ourselves aware of how much wealth we have in the form of peace, education and opportunities, then that does our neurogenesis very well. New information will be planted in your consciousness. You develop gratitude and become more satisfied. Day by day and you will share your happiness with others. And that means double joy, because luck comes right back – in the moment you made someone happy. So: Be grateful and thank you. As often as you can. With you, with life, the neighbor, the boss, your friends, at garbage collection – with the universe. Become aware that YOU are the creator of your happiness and your life. And also a bit – that of the others:)